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Elbow Grease cream lubricants came onto the market in 1979. Elbow Grease Cream is offered in four unique formulas: Original thick cream, Hot thick cream with menthol for warm sensation, Cool thick cream with a mild amount of menthol added for a cool, tingling affect, and Light a lotion formula excellent for masturbation. Elbow Grease Creams give the perfect combination of a gentle cream that allows for smooth entry along with the slight resistance to create a tugging affect for a sexual experience like no other. All four formulas are not latex safe, so they are designed for everything anal and are a top seller in the fisting, leather and fetish community. Oil-Based lubricants are safe with polyurethane condoms for anal sex. Creams may stain. We recommend Dawn Dish Soap to help remove any residue. Elbow Grease gel lubricants are water-based and safe for use with latex. Elbow Grease Gel is offered in three unique formulas: Classic thick gel, Hot thick gel with menthol for warm sensation, Light thinner consistency an excellent viscosity for long lasting play time. Elbow Grease Gels are excellent for all anal play, toy play, anal sex and masturbation.